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Art Objects

Bronze, Copper, Brass

Stainless Steel, GSM

Aluminum and Iron

Any Finish and Patina

Virtually Any Substrate

Indoors or Out

Will Not Corrode

Will Not Delaminate

Buggs Bunny

This 8 foot tall "Buggs Bunny" statue made out of fiberglass and coated in nickle silver has been standing outside the Warner Brothers® Store in Times Square (NYC) for years without any sign of corrosion or delamination

Egyptian Bas Relief

Reproduce in resin and coated with brass it is difficult to discern from the original

Female Torso

Cast in Polyester resin and coated in antique bronze.

Venus Bust

Cast in commercial gypsum and coated in antique bronze.

Male Torso

Crafted in clay and coated with antique bronze this model gave its creator a true mock-up before going into production.


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