Permanent Metal Coatings For Custom Architectural Finishes

Home Decor
Signs and Plaques
Home Decor
Themed Environments
Art Objects


Bronze, Copper, Brass

Stainless Steel, GSM

Aluminum and Iron

Any Finish and Patina

Virtually Any Substrate

Indoors or Out

Will Not Corrode

Will Not Delaminate



Concrete Floor

This concrete floor was coated with copper and then the various patinas were used to create the pattern.


This fabulous bronze and stone fireplace was created using bronze and patina.

Stair Banister

Antique oak banister is given new life with bronze balustrade. The bronze was applied over the hand carved oak. Imagine what this would have cost cast in bronze.

Cafe Table and Chair

This stuff works great on furniture. Transform plain inexpensive furniture into high end heirlooms. This inexpensive cafe table and matching chair were coated with copper and patina.

Boat Table

This Table was coated with Nickel Silver, the coasters and the edges are coated with Gold Bronze.

Boat Table


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