Permanent Metal Coatings For Custom Architectural Finishes

Fine Furniture
Concrete Objects
Fine Furniture
Brass Fireplace
Reception Desk

Bronze, Copper, Brass

Stainless Steel, GSM

Aluminum and Iron

Any Finish and Patina

Virtually Any Substrate

Indoors or Out

Will Not Corrode

Will Not Delaminate

A master mixologist of wood and metal, Bill James not only has the unique creativity to design and produce exquisite furniture and cabinetry, but also the flexibility to collaborate with architects and designers to achieve results that exceed client expectations.

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In addition to this, James Wood Works in Pittsburgh, PA (Phone:412-363-1115; is the sole licensee to produce reproductions of Frank Lloyd Wright designed furnishings for Fallingwater, and Michael Graves designed furnishings for Arkitektura in New York.

Impeccable craftsmanship, uncompromising quality and exquisite materials are the hallmark of each and every one of Billís creations. In keeping with these high standards, PermanOre Architectural Finishes is Billís choice to incorporate a variety of real metals with custom finishes. The items featured here were coated with Aluminum and finished with a custom brushed-grain.


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