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About The Coatings

Bronze, Copper, Brass

Stainless Steel, GSM

Aluminum and Iron

Any Finish and Patina

Virtually Any Substrate

Indoors or Out

Will Not Corrode

Will Not Delaminate

These metal composites do not conduct electricity and may be sprayed, brushed, rolled or cast in solid form.  Once cured, the metal composite exhibits the characteristics of the actual metal with regard to texture, luster, heat conductivity and reflection.  They may be sanded, sandblasted, polished, ground, machined, engraved, clear coated and treated in the same manner as the actual metal.

These permanent metal coatings are not metal like or simulated metal… they are real metal. This is not a metal suspension system.  Metal suspension systems experience fallout which causes variations in color, finish and the actual density of metal within the mixture.  This patented system is a homogenous mixture containing pure metal granules, hybrid polymer resin solution binder and catalyst.  We provide these coatings in Brass, Bronze, Copper, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, GSM, Iron, Aluminum and several custom alloys. Because they are manufactured using the actual metals, they react the same as the actual metals do. This means they can be provided in a variety of patinas, antiques and polished finishes or simply allowed to age naturally. Imagine having the freedom to design interior and exterior space without conflict between available materials.

The interior and exterior use of these extraordinary coatings is almost limitless!  Since there is no heat or evaporation involved, there is no distortion or shrinkage of the composite metal material or the substrate.  They can be applied seamlessly to virtually any stable substrate and have passed numerous adhesion and freeze/thaw tests.  In 1996 an experimental ocean-going skiff was coated with Copper Metal Composite and placed in the ocean.  To date, it has not been removed and shows no signs of corrosion or marine life.  It does show the expected natural copper patina.

  PermanOre provides custom metal finishes for architectural  steel windows and doors.

PermanOre applied a real Stainless Steel finish to this oval steel window.

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