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Bronze, Copper, Brass

Stainless Steel, GSM

Aluminum and Iron

Any Finish and Patina

Virtually Any Substrate

Indoors or Out

Will Not Corrode

Will Not Delaminate

PermanOre is a licensed applicator of a revolutionary metal composite technology capable of achieving the look, feel and durability of real metal on virtually any substrate without the expense, weight and inconvenience of traditional metal plating, casting and forming.

Architects, designers, contractors and manufactures are now free to create… without concern for availability in the metal of their choice.  Available in Brass, Bronze, Copper, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, Gun Smoke, Iron and Aluminum, these permanent metal composite coatings are perfect for anyone demanding quality, durability and the value of real metal.

These spectacular permanent metal coatings provide limitless opportunities to match or coordinate interior and exterior finishes with the timeless elegance of real metal in virtually any conceivable configuration or design.  PermanOre offers unique custom finishing including, but not limited to; Pewter, Antique, Patina, Rust, Pebble, Satin, Brushed Grain, Highlight Polish and Mirror Polish.  Finishes may be clear-coated, oil-rubbed or allowed to age naturally.

PermanOre has the expertise to make your dream designs a timeless reality.  Whether it is a giant concrete statue outside or an elaborate floor design inside, these coatings are perfect.  An ordinary concrete statue is transformed into a rare statuary bronze work of art.  A lifeless metal roof turns a beautiful copper patina.  An ordinary bathroom evolves into the ultimate elegant sanctuary with matching fixtures, faucets, accessories and accent tile in antique bronze.  An ordinary kitchen becomes an extraordinary delight with fixtures, appliances, accessories, back-splash tile and accent floor tile, all coordinated in Nickel Silver or perhaps Copper.  Whether you are transferring or matching, interior or exterior finishes, the possibilities for coordination are endless.  Fixtures, wood trim, elaborate cast resin trim/accents, faucets, accessories, floor and wall tile, entrances, baseboards, inlays, furniture, table tops, chair rail, balustrade, appliances and more can all be finished in the metal of your choice.

This product features....

  • Bronze, Copper, Brass, Nickel Silver, Stainless Steel, GSM, Aluminum and Iron.
  • Any Patinas Can Be Achieved.
  • These metal composite materials may be applied to virtually any substrate.
  • These metal composite materials have been in use for over twenty years, are non-corrosive and do not conduct electricity.
  • Meets ASTM D4541-95 (up to 1600 PSI) showed no coating to substrate adhesion failures.

PermanOre is dedicated to achieving the  satisfaction of all types of clients in their pursuit  of the ultimate custom-designed creations.  

  PermanOre provides custom metal finishes for architectural  steel windows and doors.

PermanOre applied a real Stainless Steel finish to this oval steel window.

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